Leather Accessories Sizing & Information Page
Below Are Some Questions & Answers That We Have Been Asked Over The Years
About Both The Sizing & Manufacturing Times of Our Handcrafted Leather Accessories & Products

Our Hand-Crafted Leathers

We Only Use The Very Best In Genuine 2.8 Full Grade Cow Hide Leather

With Each Of Our Leather Hides Being Personally Hand Selected For Quality, Durability And Minimal Blemish 

By The Head Management Of Our Demonmetals Staff

How To Choose The Right Belt Length Size
As you will be able to see from our Belt Size Chart
Our smallest size is - 30” – (76cm) in waist measurement length

Up to our larger size - 50 Inch (127cm) in waist measurement length.

If you are taking your belt size measurement for your new belt

from either a tape measurement length of your waist

or from the existing size of your current jeans/pants size

We recommend that you add an extra 2 Inches in length

to the size you have with either of these above forms of measurement


As This Extra 2 Inches In Length

Accommodates For Your Belt Being An Overlay That Sits On Top Of Your Jeans/Pants.


For Example:
For Example: If your jeans/pants size says you're a Size 44 Inch in the waist.
We would then recommend that you choose your belt size to be a
 46 Inch size in belt length

Or if you are taking your belt length size from a tape measure measurement.
Again, we would recommend that you choose your belt length size
To be an extra 2 Inches longer than the desired measurement length that you receive from your tape measure, measurement length
Example: Your belt measurement length says 38" Inch
We would recommend that you choose your belt length to be a Size 40" Inch
If You Have Any Questions About Choosing Your Size
Or If Your Belt Length Size Turns Out To Be An Even Number
Eg: 31", 35", 37" 41" etc
Just Send Us Your Info or Question
Via Our Contact Page So We Can Help You Further With Your Specific Size
Belt Length
Size Chart


30” – 76cm

32” – 81cm

34” – 86cm

36” – 91cm

38” – 96cm

40” – 101cm

42” – 106cm

44” – 111cm

46” – 116cm

48” – 121cm

50” – 127cm

The Making Of Our Hand-Crafted Studded Leather Belts


Generally Our Leather Studded & Spiked Belts Take Between 1 to 2 Days To Be Both Made & Dispatched To Our Customers

Seasonally However The Making & Dispatching Of Our Belts Can


If You Need Your New Studded Leather Belt To Be Delivered To You By or Before A Specific Date

Just Let Us Know Via Our Contact Page

So We Can Do Our Best

To Make Sure That You Receive Your New Belt By Your Specific Date

Our Stud Sizes